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Who is CLC Kenya?

CLC is an International Mission Organization. Its origins date back to the establishment of a Christian bookshop in Colchester England in 1941. To date it has its International headquarters in England.

Our mission statement of purpose is “to make Christian literature available to all nations, so that people may come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ.” To achieve this, CLC seeks to multiply bookshops that impact the community; increase Christian media, publication & distribution of the Word of God; and to enhance the provision of resources to projects worldwide. CLC works to serve the entire evangelical community and therefore has works and materials that are from various denominational perspectives.

CLC-Kenya began as a wholesale distribution in Nairobi. Today, God has enabled us to open three retail shops at Hurlingham Park, Deliverance Church Umoja and at Bareng’tuny Plaza Eldoret in addition to the wholesale distributin. We look forward to opening more CLC branches country wide with a view of reaching out to the unreached.

In 2015, with the help of CLC USA, Kenya started Print On Demand program - a publishing wing established to print on demand products for customers. It is an integral part of the CLC mission and for this reason aspires to impact East Africa with Christian literature as in CLC Kenya’s embodiment. POD achieves this through provision of an array of services which include editing, design and layout, ISBN, Copyright, and printing.

CLC achieves its mandate through partnerships with international publishing firms with content relevant for the East Africa community. It also partners with the local churches to be able to spread the Wod of God through channels relevant to the specific church.


Self-Published Christian Authors (SEPUCA) is a program that allows authors to print already published books.

Authors Club (AC) is a program that provides a platform for aspiring Christian Authors to get their work published.

Book Program (BP) is a program where anchor book(s) is used to spread the specific message / content it carries. The proposal is developed targeting a specific group / community and CLC, in partnership with the leadership of that community, facilitates the program. A monitoring and evaluation plan is also put in place to ensure implementation of the teachings as ‘blessed is the doer not the hearer’. The programs currently running include Leaders Empowerment Program and Serving Christ In The Workplace.

Other Programs: Sermons2Book, E-books, Audio Books, Christ for Prisons, Hospital Visitations, Libraries For Orphans, Youth Readers, Set-up Church Libraries / Resource Centers and Cell / Small Groups Resources.


  1. Faith: a life of faith and trust in the living God
  2. Sacrifice: a willingness to sacrifice all for our Savior and Lord
  3. Fellowship between members and others of the family of faith
  4. Holiness: a personal walk of holiness with God and a desire to be holy before God.