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A publishing enterprise established to provide POD products for customers. It aims to be an integral part of the CLC mission and for this reason, aspires to impact East Africa with Christian literature as in CLC Kenya’s embodiment.

POD plans on achieving this through the provision of an array of services which include printing, publishing and mentorship of both prospective and established authors through the facilitation of a networking forum that will provide authors with a platform to share their triumphs and challenges in writing. The purpose of this program is to provide a support structure for authors where they can get to learn from each other.

POD which is a fully-owned subsidiary of CLC Kenya was initiated in May 2015 with partial funding from CLC USA. Presently, the establishment has a number of programs that have enabled it to begin its operations one being authorization from Publish-4-All and CLC USA to print over 50 of their books.

POD is also in the advanced stages of negotiation with Oasis International Publishers to get printing rights of over 400 books in their ownership.

Aside from this, POD is in the process of developing a Self-Published Christian Authors Program (SEPUCA) that will allow them to print already published books.

Another development in the works is the Authors Club which looks to provide a platform for aspiring Christian Authors to get their work published. At the same time,

POD is developing alternative product offers which aim at printing school books, training manuals amongst other types of publications whilst excluding any material that may be contradictory to the Christian faith.

Authors signed up to POD stand to benefit from marketing activities organized by the organization. To this effect, authors will have their work publicized through media, exhibitions and other marketing forums.

POD anticipates a total of fifty thousand shillings in sales during the first month of operation. It is projected that by the sixth month of operation, sales will have steadily risen to a total of three hundred thousand shillings.

It is expected that POD’s ability to print as many or as few copies needed at a time will enable the enterprise to gain momentum rapidly. This is given the fact that current publishers are only limited to bulk publishing.

It further aims to grow its capacity through its’ three-pillar strategy that is built on partnership, relationship building and market creation for aspiring authors.