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Technology has revolutionised the way books can now be printed.  Large off-set printers meant that thousands of copies of a book had to be printed to be economically viable.

Print-on-Demand enables a single copy of a book to be printed!  Large commercial digital printers are very expensive but now technology has developed to the point that small scale equipment is available.

CLC Kenya has a Print-on-Demand facility which enables us to respond quickly to local demands. This has made it possible for Kenyan authors to have their books published and printed in a way that would have been unthinkable previously. 

All that is required is a digital copy of the book and our Print-on-Demand department can produce the book for you.

What are the advantages of Print on Demand for a local author?

  1. Low capital investment in printing quality books
  2. Quick production time
  3. Competitive pricing
  4. Ability to print as many (or few) copies as you need
  5. Re-print as and when required
  6. Warehousing cost savings

Print on Demand has the potential to revolutionise the availability of overseas books.  Currently material imported from North America and Europe can take weeks or months to arrive in Kenya.  Print-on-demand technology can make those same books available in a matter of hours.  CLC Kenya is in discussion with a number of publishers to have their titles available on our platform.

CLC USA Publications has agreed that we can have their catalogue available digitally. 

Publishing and printing are developing rapidly. Do you want to be part of this change? Do you want us to print your book?

Please contact us on: [email protected]